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Hiram Award Program

Grand Lodge of Utah Hiram Award

In 1983, Most Worshipful Brother Curtis N. Lancaster appointed a committee to develop a Hiram Award based on the program adopted by the Grand Lodge of California. The committee presented a set of rules, requirements, along with a certificate and pin design that were accepted by Grand Lodge in 1984. During 1984 the first awards were presented.

|Download the Hiram Award Rules and Guidelines|

"This program will provide a special and meaningful technique for a Lodge to distinguish a deserving Brother who may otherwise go publicly unnoticed." - M.W. Brother Curtis N. Lancaster, Grand Lodge Annual Proceedings 1984

Hiram Award Recipients

This list of recipients was begun with the help of Ms. Marianne Ausseresses and Bro. William Hall, and by reviewing the Grand Lodge Annual Proceedings from 1983-2008. Any errors or omissions should be brought to the attention of the webmaster at the link below.


Paul W. Dockery, PMAshley Lodge No. 20April 2
Wendell G. Shallenberger, PMCedar City Lodge No. 35April 9
Edward M. Kordas, PMTwin Peaks Lodge No. 32April 30
John A. Glines, PMKaibab Lodge No.25May 2

Terry L. Nay, PMCarbon Lodge No.16May 2
Gavin K. K. Wardrope, PMTwin Peaks Lodge No.32May 4
James A. McIntire, PGMProgress Lodge No.22May 4
Daniel R. Ettinger, PMUintah Lodge No.7July 13
James L. Sweet, PMGolden Spike Lodge No.6September 3
Jeffrey E. Hamilton, PMStory Lodge No.4October 8
Gary W. FelknerWasatch Lodge No.1October 10
Alan 'Jimmie' MillerArgenta No.3October 29
William A. Powell, PGMUnity Lodge No.18November 4
Daniel J. Lawes, PMChristopher Diehl Lodge No.9November 9
Cory W. SimsCorinne Lodge No.5November 9
Oler Gene MayRocky Mountain Lodge No.11December 11

David W. Barron, PGMUnity Lodge No.18October 29
Lyle G. Miller, PMTwin Peaks Lodge No.32November 3

Charles Sipes, PMJoppa Lodge No.26February 2
Gilfred Smart, PMCorinne Lodge No.5March 2
Bruce R. Betts, PGMProgress Peaks Lodge No.22March 15
Del Phillips, PMCanyon Lodge No.13March 15
William L. Blycker, PMMt. Moriah Lodge No.2April 9
Terry A. WillardGateway Lodge No.29May 14
TJ Robertson, PMLaSal Lodge No.30May 18
George Auer, PMTwin Peaks Lodge No.32June 3
Roy Skog, PMUintah Lodge No.7June 15
Keith A. Stout, PMSt. George Lodge No.33November 6
Richard W. Justesen, PMCarbon Lodge No.16December 2
James D. Woodward, PGMWasatch Lodge No.1December 6

Emanuel PlanasCarbon Lodge No.16January 19
Charles E. Warren Sr., PMGateway Lodge No.29March 13
Randal P. Hansen, PMProgress Lodge No.22March 17
Edward D. RileyTwin Peaks Lodge No.32March 31
Richard P. BondAcacia Lodge No.17April 20
Robert H Heygster, PMCanyon Lodge No.13May 1
Charles R. KlepzigLa Sal Lodge No.30May 19
Arthur Reiley, PMArgenta Lodge No.3November 7
Christopher C Young, PMSt. George Lodge No.33November 15
Michael R. TonkinsenUnity Lodge No.18November 28
Carl D. Fortune SrHarmony Lodge No.21December 1
John C. Liley Jr., PGMWasatch Lodge No.1December 7
Claude McMillen, PMGolden Spike Lodge No.6December 16

David Nelson, PGMCanyon Lodge No.13February 4
Richard A. Divers, PMChristopher Diehl Lodge No.19March 14
Ray D. Rohde, PMCorinne Lodge No.5April 24
David HarperBonneville Lodge No.31May 2
James A. Etling, PMRocky Mountain Lodge No.11May 20
Robert K. Chapman, PGMCanyon Lodge No.13June 7
B. Carl Lairson, PMDamascus Lodge No.10June 8
Bill B Buchanan, PMLasal Lodge No.30November 12
Scott H. Andersen, PMWasatch Lodge No.1December 2
Jay L Roundy, PMTwin Peaks No. 32December 5
Terry D Lee, PMFranklin-Albert-Pike Lodge No.12December 6
Richard L. Loomis, PGTGateway Lodge No.29December 17
Calvin K. Ockey, PMJoppa Lodge No. 26December 17
Charles I. Young, PMSt. George Lodge No.33December 17

Tracy D. Smith, PM*Mt. Moriah Lodge No.2February 6
Stephen J. Escobedo, PMStory Lodge No.4March 27
Scott E. Thompson, PMProgress Lodge No.22April 2
David W. Lozer, PMKaibab Lodge No.25April 6
Jim Wilcox, PMCorinne Lodge No.5April 10
George F. Winters, PMHarmony Lodge No.21April 10
Bud R. Pilling, PMCarbon Lodge No.16September 17
R. Wesley Ing, PMLasal Lodge No.30September 18
Arthur L. Kris, PMSt. George Lodge No.33October 2
Thomas R. HavenWasatch Lodge No.1October 8
Carl R. RasmussenChristopher Diehl Lodge No.19October 9
William F. Baker, PGMTwin Peaks Lodge No.32October 25
* Mistakenly Listed with Acacia Lodge No. 17 in printed proceedings

Milton E. Saathoff, PMWasatch Lodge No.1February 6
Delbert F Hansen, PM Kaibab Lodge No.25March 3
Robert G. HuebnerCanyon Lodge No.13April 7
Timothy C. Fellows, PMHarmony Lodge No.21April 25
Neal LundbergFranklin-Albert-Pike Lodge No.12May 29
Kenneth B. HutchinsonJoppa Lodge No.26July 31
JC McLaughlin, PGMAmity Lodge No.23November 4
Charles H. Smith, PMUnity Lodge No.18November 11
Allen Record, PMAcacia Lodge No.17December 3

Jan F. Carlston, PMMt. Moriah Lodge No.2February 22
Richard D. Cannon, PMHarmony Lodge No.21March 4
Lee M. Rogers, PMTwin Peaks Lodge No.32March 22
Clifton E. Specht, PMGateway Lodge No.29April 26
Daniel LadigStory Lodge No.4September 20
Kenneth E. Bona, PMDamascus Lodge No.10September 20
Duane Carpenter, PGMUnity Lodge No.18October 22

Glen A. Cook, PMTintic Lodge No.9March 10
W. Wayne Motley, PMTwin Peaks Lodge No.32March 10
Perfecto Vigil, PMGolden Spike Lodge No.6April 14
Larry W. WoodlandMt. Moriah Lodge No.2May 18
LeRoy B. Beasley, PMHarmony Lodge No.21September 8
Joe P. Nava, PMKaibab Lodge No.25September 14
Craig W. Pyper, PMCanyon Lodge No.13October 16
Aaron E. Saathoff, PMWasatch Lodge No.1November 2
Arthur A. Austin, PMCanyon Lodge No.13December 4
Donald M. AdamsAcacia Lodge No.17December 6
Loyd E. Davis, PMBonneville Lodge No. 31December 17
James A. Etling, PMUintah Lodge No.7December 17

Kelly A. Hansel, PMGateway Lodge No.29March 31
Ridgely H. Gilmour, PGMMt. Moriah Lodge No.2March 25
William H. Broyles, PMKaibab Lodge No.25April 1
Charles M. SwindlerGolden Spike Lodge No.6April 22
James A. Robertson, PMCarbon Lodge No.16June 9
Ted R. Milovich, PMJoppa Lodge No.26June 9
C. Lee Foster, PMFranklin-Albert Pike Lodge No. 12September 19
Harold G. Mischler, PMUnity Lodge No.18September 29
Lawrence K. Fielden, PMWasatch Lodge No.1October 20
Aaron K. CrosmanCanyon Lodge No.13October 29

Patrick F. Bailey, PMOrient Lodge No.15March 7
William G. Lapsley, PMMt Moriah Lodge No.2March 19
Barton E, Baker, PMAshley Lodge No.20July 9
Carlyle B. Burton, PMChristopher Diehl Lodge No.19September 15
John R. Lay, PMUintah Lodge No.7October 27
Clarence E GrodySt. George Lodge No.33October 29
Stanley R. Strader, PMCanyon Lodge No.13November 15
John T. HallBonneville Lodge No.31November 21

(2005 Grand Lodge Proceedings, Page 31-32)
Joseph P.C. SuraceGrand LodgeJanuary 24
Peter N. Doelf, PGMGateway Lodge No.29January 30
George J. ZambosChristopher Diehl Lodge No.19ND
Richard L. Spillman, PMAshley Lodge No.20ND
Wayne A. Marriot, PMGolden Spike Lodge No.6ND
Dean D. Rein, PMSt George Lodge No.33ND
James S. MellosBonneville Lodge No.31June 13
Marian E. Wedick, PMFranklin-Albert Pike Lodge No.12ND
Raymond F. McQuain, Jr.Amity Lodge No.23ND
Maurice Nelson, PMGeorge Washington Lodge No.24ND
Lloyd G. Moffitt, PMCanyon Lodge No.13ND
Paul E. Packer, PMHarmony Lodge No.21ND
Thomas H. EastwoodTintic Lodge No.9ND
W. Kenneth Ware, PMWasatch Lodge No.1ND
Howard L. Hastings, PMOrient Lodge No.15ND
Clarence G. ThornhillUnity Lodge No.18October 12
David L. Lemons, PMAcacia Lodge No.17November 3

(2004 Grand Lodge Proceedings, Page 33)
Daniel L. Grigsby, PMWeber Lodge No.6April 18
George E. TaylorProgress Lodge No.22April 19
Norman Milton EastBonneville Lodge No.31April 28
Arthur W. BowersArgenta Lodge No.3July 19
H. Joe Roberson, PMAshley Lodge No.20September 27
Clement A. Kester, PMTintic Lodge No.9October 5
Courtney C. HuntsmanCanyon Lodge No.13December 2
Richard D. Coleman, PMAcacia Lodge No.17October 23

(2003 Grand Lodge Proceedings, Page 28-29)
Burnelle O. BeebeTwin Peaks Lodge No.32March 18
E. Clinton JohnsonTwin Peaks No.32March 18
James W. Beless Jr.Mt. Moriah Lodge No.2March 16
Arlen B. Horne, PMAmity Lodge No.23November 20
Horace A. Thomas, PMBonneville Lodge No.31October 25
Charles W. Steinberg, PMWeber Lodge No.6December 12

(2002 Grand Lodge Proceedings, Page 34)
K. Blaine SillimanOrient Lodge No.15October 20
Kenneth M. NeuschwanderBonneville Lodge No. 31November 12

(2001 Grand Lodge Proceedings, Page 43)
Jerry T. Hatch, PMAshley Lodge No.28May 12
Clayton B. HatchAshley Lodge No.28ND
Richard D. Nell, PMRocky Mountain Lodge No.11ND
Frank W. TolhurstUnity Lodge No.18November 9
Royal A. Watson, PMMt Moriah Lodge No.2October 13
F. Gene DunhamOrient Lodge No.15ND

(2000 Grand Lodge Proceedings, Page 38)
(1999 Grand Lodge Proceedings, Page 32-33)
Richard C. TreftArgenta Lodge No.3February 20
Tom J. HastingsOrient Lodge No.15March 5
Ronald R. Stringham, PMTwin Peaks Lodge No.32March 8
Donald F. MeyerCorinne Lodge No.5May 22
Otto B CollingsDamascus Lodge No.10May 26
LaMar H. JonesCarbon Lodge No.16August 28
Richard A. YeakeyAmity Lodge No.23December 11
Jack C. CravenBonneville Lodge No.31December 12

(1999 Grand Lodge Proceedings, Page 32-33)
(1998 Grand Lodge Proceedings, Page 29)
Norman A. Smith, PMJoppa Lodge No.26February 3
Don M. Millward, PMArgenta Lodge No.3February 20
Jed B. WillhiteBonneville Lodge No.31March 19
Edgar T. CoffmanSt. George Lodge No.33May 30
William R. Courtney Jr., PMTintic Lodge No.9August 29
James L. Murphy, PGMWeber Lodge No.6September 18
Lynn E. SorensonUintah Lodge No.7October 29
Blaine M. Simons, PGMMt. Moriah Lodge No.2November 9
Raymond F. White, PMUnity Lodge No.18November 11
John W. Castagno, PMRocky Mountain Lodge No.11November 27
Alvin E. Lange, PMOrient Lodge No.15December 11

(1998 Grand Lodge Proceedings, Page 29)
Alan E GoodwillGeorge Washington Lodge No.24April 12
H. Scott HammilProgress Lodge No.22May 10
Reuben CunliffeCanyon Lodge No.13September 13
Thomas S. Aldridge, PMBasin Lodge No.20September 20
F. Blain CorbinAshley Lodge No.28September 28
Alex E. Mansour Jr., PMMt. Moriah Lodge No.2October 7
Loyd R. YeatonWeber Lodge No.6October 18
Nelson R. DeitenAmity Lodge No.23October 30
John D. Prater*Kaibab Lodge No.25November 30
* Not Listed in Annual Proceedings, Lodge has Documentation.

(1997 Grand Lodge Proceedings, Page 32)
Joseph Ted ShigleyAmity Lodge No.23ND
John C. Nelson Kaibab Lodge No.25ND
William F. Wade, PMUnity Lodge No.18ND
Robert S. ShifferGateway Lodge No.29ND

(1996 Grand Lodge Proceedings, Page 35)
Bruce D. Myers, PMGateway Lodge No.29January 21
Dale E. Bone, PMBonneville Lodge No.31June 5
Howard Dorst, PGM*Harmony Lodge No.21October 27
Raymond Moore, PM*Harmony Lodge No.21October 27
Andrew T. Hereim, PGMKaibab Lodge No.25November 3
* Not Listed in Annual Proceedings, Lodge has Documentation.

(1995 Grand Lodge Proceedings, Page 33-34)
John Billings Skewes, PMBonneville Lodge No.31February 12
James L. Martin, PMCarbon Lodge No.16April 30
James H. TooleyWeber Lodge No.6May 26
Guy M. Overman, PMStory Lodge No.4May 27
Raymond E. Roderick, PMUnity Lodge No.18November 9

James R. KissingerRocky Mountain Lodge No.11January 5
Donald J. Jepperson, PMGateway Lodge No.29January 18
Marion W. Wheeler, PMCarbon Lodge No.16February 20
John Beaslin, PMAshley Lodge No.20June 19
Vinson Call, PMGateway Lodge No.29November 16

Vernon Robert BorgesonGateway Lodge No.29January 18
John G. Van Hemert, PMWasatch Lodge No.1March 27
Leonard A. Leake, PMBonneville Lodge No.31October 10
Roy L. Denning, PMTwin Peaks Lodge No.32October 30
James M. ChastainUnity Lodge No.18November 11
Harley E. BlanchardLa Sal Lodge No.30November 12

Non Reported

Howard D. HiskeyWasatch Lodge No.1ND
Darrell W. AndersonWeber Lodge No.6ND
Frank R. Tuckett, PMTintic Lodge No.9ND
Wayne J. Carrington, PMRocky Mountain Lodge No.11ND
Anthony F Russo, PMKaibab Lodge No.25ND
Walter G Everett, PMGateway Lodge No.29ND

Lawrence N. LeavittUnity Lodge No.18November 8

(1989 Grand Lodge Proceedings, Page 31)
Richard Unger, PMLa Sal Lodge No.30ND
Dallas F. StiverAmity Lodge No.23ND
Roscoe E. Williamson, PMAcacia Lodge No.17ND

George H. Gorden, PMUintah Lodge No.7ND
Alexander Blight, PMTintic Lodge No.9ND
Marshall H. AdamsProgress Lodge No.22ND
Leo B. Dunn, PMJoppa Lodge No.26ND
Willis D. Stevens, PMAshley Lodge No.28ND
Leslie W. Graves, PMLa Sal Lodge No.30ND

G. Zahnor Edwards, PMKaibab Lodge No.25October 14

Page 21 of the Grand Lodge Annual Proceedings (1986) mentions the Hiram Award, but the recipients are not listed. The following names and dates were discovered in the Grand Lodge Office.
Arthur H. McBerry, PM*Twin Peaks Lodge No.32July 1
William S. Felkner*Wasatch Lodge No.1December 20
* Not Listed in Annual Proceedings, Lodge has Documentation.

Page 19 of the Grand Lodge Annual Proceedings (1985) mentions that 6 awards were given, but no names are listed. A list of 7 names and dates was discovered in the Grand Lodge Office, and they are listed below.
Gilbert E. Martinez*Acacia Lodge No.17March 3
Howard J. Mikolash, PM*Christopher Diehl Lodge No.19April 6
Gustin O. Gooding, PM*Franklin Lodge No.17May 19
Thomas Migiaccio*Carbon Lodge No.16November 19
Ernest E. Gardner*Joppa Lodge No.26November 9
Vernon J. Mozingo, PM*Corinne Lodge No.5November 10
Darold E. Peterson, PM*Amity Lodge No.23November 10
* Not Listed in Annual Proceedings, Lodge has Documentation.

John D. Prater Award for Masonic Research

John D. Prater Award Program

In 2009 Most Worshipful Brother Loyd E. Davis created an annual award to recognize Masonic researchers working on and publishing any aspect of the Craft in the state or territory of Utah.

The award was first developed as a certificate, and later modified by Most Worshipful Brother Robert Chapman during 2011 as a plaque. The award is named in honor of John D. Prater, a scientist / inventor, who worked for Kennecott Copper Corporation and was a member of Kaibab Lodge No. 25. A recipient of the Hiram Award in 1997. He worked on a number of historical research projects for the Grand Lodge of Utah.

Qualifications and Requirements:

1. A member in good standing of any Lodge in this jurisdiction or of any Lodge of a jurisdiction recognized by the Grand Lodge of Utah.

2. Publish a book, research paper, educational feature or short talk on any subject related to Freemasonry.

3. The project must be well written, contain original material, relevant footnotes, endnotes or references.

4. It is hoped that the author will allow for the project to be published through the Grand Lodge of Utah, or the Utah Masonic research Society. Though this is not a requirement for consideration.

5. Project should be submitted to the current Grand Historian for concideration.

John D. Prater Award Recipients

John A. Glines, PM (25, 17)
Wendell E. Nelson Jr. PM (25, 17)
Presented by M.W. Brother R. Wesley IngSeptember 13

Michael T. Moon, PM (7, 205)Presented by M.W. Brother Gerald J. EverettSeptember 12

George F. Winters, PM (21, 205)Presented by M.W. Brother Robert ChapmanApril 10

Aaron E. Saathoff, PM (1)Presented by M.W. Brother Loyd E. DavisFebruary 6

Master Builder Award Program Summary

The primary purpose of The Master Builder Award Program is to encourage and recognize lodges in the planning, implementation and management of a well-rounded yearly program promoting lodge activities, brotherhood, charitable work, and involvement in their community.


In order to be considered for The Master Builder Award, a lodge must submit an application form to the Grand Lodge Education Committee detailing their activities for the year. To confirm the application’s accuracy and completeness, it must be reviewed and signed by the Worshipful Master and the lodge Secretary, with the lodge seal affixed. Documentation of activities may be included, if desired, but is not required. To receive the award, a lodge must meet the Mandatory Requirement, achieve five or more Major Standards, and achieve eight or more Basic Standards, for a total of fourteen accomplishments. Requirements are stated on the application form. Any questions should be directed to the Program Administrator, which is normally the Senior Grand Warden or other designee of the Grand Master.

Lodge Program Director:

The Worshipful Master of each lodge should appoint a Master Builder Program Director for the lodge who will serve as the liaison between the lodge and the Grand Lodge Education Committee. This information will be communicated in writing by mailing the Program Director Letter to the Grand Lodge office at the beginning of the year.The Worshipful Master of each lodge should appoint a Master Builder Program Director for the lodge who will serve as the liaison between the lodge and the Grand Lodge Education Committee. This information will be communicated in writing by mailing the Program Director Letter to the Grand Lodge office at the beginning of the year.


Lodges that earn the Master Builder Award will be recognized for their efforts and success during a special presentation at the annual communication. Lodges who become Master Builders for the first time will receive a plaque with the square and compasses, Grand Lodge name and Lodge name designating them as a Master Builder. Each successive year that a lodge becomes a Master Builder they will be presented with an attachment plate that hangs from the header plaque to represent all the years of distinction for the lodge.

Download Program Application|Download Program Summary

Ritual Proficiency Program

Utah Ritual Proficiency Program

The primary intent of the Ritual Proficiency Program is to create a culture for the Lodges to be self sufficient in the Utah Standard Work. It has several other benefits including a form of recognition for all of the brethren in the craft, create a resource to assist the smaller Lodges, create a desire in new Masons to become proficient, prepare brethren for officer positions and help current Officers to become ready to move up the officer line and fill in when the need arises. There is no doubt that this program will provide many other benefits throughout this jurisdiction.

|Download Program Summary and Form|

The Masters of the Lodges should promote this program as a means to strengthen their Lodge. It should be encouraged among the newer members, not only to prepare them for future Officer Positions but to help create a sense of purpose and a real feeling that they are needed by the Lodge. It could help them begin the fulfilling journey into ritual work that so many of us enjoy. This program may also help with retention of members especially when the participating brethren are used to give lectures, to fill in when presiding officers are absent or to help with the coaching of newer members. By generating a positive atmosphere among the newer members, this could possibility increase their desire to become more active and to attract prospective members.

The full list of points is on the down loadable form, basically, as you become proficient in the standard work and lectures, points are earned towards the three levels of proficiency. Pins are shown below.

The Ritualist

Earn 1600 points to receive the first pin, "The Ritualist"

Senior Ritualist

Earn 3200 points and receive the "Senior Ritualist" pin

Master Ritualist

Earning a minimum of 4800 points qualifies you as a "Master Ritualist"

Masonic Rookie Award Program

Grand Lodge of Utah Masonic Rookie Award

The Grand Lodge of Masons of Utah is pleased to announce our "Masonic Rookie Award" as part of a focused commitment to membership engagement and getting our new members involved in their respective blue lodges.

Eleven items must be accomplished, within the first year after being raised, to qualify to be nominated for the award.

|Download the Application .pdf|

The future of our fraternity and our ability to continue to grow our membership is highly dependent on being able to engage and integrate our new members into the activities of the lodge. When new members become involved and active in their respective lodges they become the best prospects for new candidates for that lodge.

The Master Mason Rookie Award is an official means by which we can achieve these membership goals. Attached is a checklist for the Master Mason Rookie Award. Once it has been completed and signed off by the Master of the lodge, it is to be submitted by the Lodge Secretary to the Grand Secretary and the Grand Master for his review and approval. Once approved, the recipient can receive his award (Grand Lodge Certificate signed by the Grand Master and affixed with the Grand Lodge seal and Master Mason Rookie Award lapel pin).

Rookie Award Program Award Recipients

The annual Masonic Youth Community Service Award award was created in 1997 by Grand Master David H. Nelson to recognize the bethel of Job's Daughters and the DeMolay chapter that best served their community in some act of service to the community. Each year the Grand Master grants this award to one bethel of Job's Daughters and one DeMolay chapter for outstanding service to the community for the preceding year. The prizes are a traveling trophy and a pizza party for the winning bethel or chapter, and the award is announced at their respective rally or conclave each year.
Although all service and volunteer activity should be included in the application, that which was performed in our community will be given greater consideration than that which was performed within our Masonic family. To apply for this award, please click the link below.

Masonic Youth Community Service Award Application


The Historic Salt Lake Masonic Temple

The Grand Lodge of Utah was formed in 1872 and has since worked diligently toward supporting and improving our communities and in general of promoting the ancient landmarks and values of Freemasonry which have provided such a positive influence in the development of our country. In today's complicated and fast world, the ancient traditions and values of Freemasonry provide a much needed source of moral strength and honest friendship among its members.

Grand Lodge Seal

The Grand Lodge Seal

The Grand Lodge of Utah is located

in the Salt Lake Masonic Temple.

650 East South Temple

Salt lake City, Utah 84102