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Not Just Men But Masons

"The mission of Freemasonry in Utah is to teach and perpetuate a way of life that promotes brotherhood, self-improvement through education, high moral standards, charitable action, and community involvement."

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What We Do

Freemasonry is one of the world's oldest and largest fraternal organizations. While it requires its members to profess a belief in a supreme being, it is not a religion, nor does it dictate to its members what their religious or spiritual beliefs should be.

"Making good men better..."

Do you want to:

Be a better man?

Be a better community member?

Be a better leader?

We can help you on your path.

Masonic Temple Association

Sorry we do not currently offer tours at this time. Are you or your organization lookng for a special venue for a wedding, dance or any major event?

"Secure your reservation..."

Located along South Temple, the Egyptian faced building is the seventh home of Freemasonry in Salt Lake City. We have an auditorium that seats up to 500 for your event be it a wedding or concert. Our Banquet Room is great for receptions or your catered dinner. Please contact the Masonic Temple Associationor call (801) 363-2550 to schedule an appointment and to discuss your needs

For historical information and a gallery of photos please click the Summary link for more information.

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Traveling Masons

If you're a traveling Mason from another jurisdiction, you can find out about Utah Masonry, locate a Blue Lodge or other Masonic organization, and find out who to contact if you wish to visit.

"Know that you are welcome..."

Please Contact
the Grand Lodge Secretary.
He will provide you with all of the information you need while visiting this jurisdiction.

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Utah Masons,

Grandview is now up and running just for you!

"You are our pillars..."

You can keep track of the Utah Masonic Family Calendar, check out what's happening around the state and continue your Masonic education with the use of our online educational tools by simply logging onto your member portal through Grandview.

What does it mean to be a Freemason?

Watch this short video to see what it means to be a Freemason in today's world. We think you'll be surprised. Is Freemasonry right for you? Click below to find out more.

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The Historic Salt Lake Masonic Temple

The Grand Lodge of Utah was formed in 1872 and has since worked diligently toward supporting and improving our communities and in general of promoting the ancient landmarks and values of Freemasonry which have provided such a positive influence in the development of our country. In today's complicated and fast world, the ancient traditions and values of Freemasonry provide a much needed source of moral strength and honest friendship among its members.

Grand Lodge Seal

The Grand Lodge Seal

The Grand Lodge of Utah is located

in the Salt Lake Masonic Temple.

650 East South Temple

Salt lake City, Utah 84102